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London massage reviewI’m writing this post today to appeal to your better side. Well, not that you don’t always show it to me of course, but today I’m asking a favour. You know how you love to get your body rubbed by myself and my sexy friends? Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell others just how wonderful your experience was? It would be wonderful for me!

Independent reviews

It’s not as though I’m asking you for a London massage review that I can publish on my website and then change as I see fit. The reviews I’m talking about are placed on different websites where you can write what you really think. And what’s more is that you can be anonymous too! One such website is called Punternet. You may have heard of it if you’ve ever booked London escorts rather than a tantric massage experience. It’s where clients can go and review the adult services they’ve had. There are plenty of people out there that just enjoy sensual massage like you, so they’ll be glad to read about your experience.

They do work for us

And when we get a good review, and someone goes along and clicks on it, they often visit my website and make a booking of their own. So, you see, your London massage review really can spread the love and get us a number of more bookings. And you want your favourite London City masseuses to be happy don’t you?

What they want in your London massage review

It’s not an escort review, so there won’t be that many details to report really. What these clients will be looking for is whether or not your masseuse looked like her pictures, whether she was nice to you etc. whether she rushed you, what the experience was like, what the place easy to find etc. All these details count when you want to book a massage. In fact, I’m sure you would have read one before you booked to come and see me, if you had access wouldn’t you?

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