Working from home, are you happy?

Can working working from home really be the new reality?

Working from home, no more commuting, no early mornings, etc. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Or is it really as good as it sounds in real life? 

Ah guys, don’t you miss that office life? Walking into the working atmosphere. There are all familiar faces, your colleagues, working hard, or at least acting as if they are. Nevertheless, you find yourself in a setting that allows you as much as possible to have a very productive day. You are in the total flow that takes you to corporate achievement. 

Office vibe

When you are going to the office there is a feeling as if you are doing something useful. Even if you’re loafing around, you’re still working. At home, spending a couple of hours watching funny videos, and as a very responsible person, you are adding two hours to your workday. But in the same situation at the office, your conscience doesn’t bother you. 

Also the liveliest district after the office hours, bustling and the vibrant City of London has a lot to offer for the night entertainment. Traditional English pubs or trendy bars with live music, cafes, and stylish restaurants, you could find just about anything. Nightlife in the city has raging energy! We love

Whether you want to have a buzz or do something more sensual and relaxing after work it is there for you. You won’t be getting that by working from home.

Imagine leaving school or higher education and then being told that your workplace for the next 40 years is your living room. No office lunches or drinks after work with colleagues and no buzz of returning home after work. What about banter and gossip by the cooler? No enjoyment in making an effort in your appearance. No eyeing up the new girl in the office. Or competing with office rivals. No city centre buzz. Only zoom calls and email conversations with people you’ve never met. Oh and no sneaking out of the office to see your favourite masseuse! So now my question is – Is this going to be our new reality and are you willing to accept that?