Warm your body beneath mine this winter

It’s getting really cold out there guys! I don’t know what the hell happened. One minute it’s warm, and I can go out without my coat, and now I need woolly tights on! Goodness me, this is no life for a tantric massage goddess who likes to look her best all the time! Perhaps I should book my winter sun holiday already?

Body to body massage will help

Well, I suppose I can always count on my loyal, and very lovely clients to keep me warm to a certain degree. Any kind of massage will improve your circulation, of course, it gets your blood moving properly around your body. But having a naked body on top of your own has to beat that right? Damn right it does. They even tell you to do this if you have to survive in the cold. It’s body heat guys! Now imagine that body heat, mixed with a handful of massage oil!

I rarely have the heating on in the flat, and I think this is all to do with the fact that my circulation is so very good due to massage. When I’m not giving body to body massages, essentially rubbing myself against my client, and working my own circulation as well as his, I’m getting massaged by one of my friends!

My friends and I keep each other warm

We really do! You’ve probably seen my London tantric massage friends on the site, or perhaps you’ve even had them visit you before? We really do like to keep each other nice and supple when we get the opportunity to indulge. I know that I’m safe under the careful and sensual hands of my massage friends, they really know my body as well as I do these days. So, it will come as no surprise to many of you why I’m so very laid back most of the time. Who wouldn’t be when they get massaged as often as they like by professional sensual masseuses?

Remember that myself or one of my friends would be happy to come to your hotel and pay you a visit!

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