Why can’t you find someone to love?

erotic massage serviceIt’s the day and age we’re living in, if you want my personal opinion. I happen to think that we’re evolving into a nation of people who literally don’t require anyone. At least to cohabit with, that is. We all need human interaction. Sometimes “special” human interaction. Dare I say erotic massage services? Of course I was bound to say that, what did you expect? But seriously for a moment. Just what is it that’s turning us into these highly evolved humans?

We’re busy!

We really are! And this is a good thing. We’re more productive and focused as a species than we’ve ever been in my opinion. Years ago we needed to be with someone else, simply because we had too much free time. The free time we have now has to be planned, and as a result of this, more people enjoy their leisure time more. This makes us far more discerning in many respects, and when we look for entertainment and relaxation, we want the very best. I’ve certainly come to discover this by offering erotic massage services. I don’t mind telling you that I’m considered one of the best massage specialists in London these days J

High expectations

This discerning nature can of course work against you too, if you’re one of those gentlemen that are actually looking for a potential mate. By having such huge expectations from a potential mate, we are all setting the bar far too high of course. I suppose only those who get quite literally knocked off their feet can honestly say that expectation has nothing to do with it; but then I find these people are quite few and far between! Nothing wrong with having high expectations of my erotic massage services though!


Some may think that alleviating our need for human contact, with erotic massage services, or seeking the company of London escorts etc. is a sad fact. I think it’s a basic human need being sought out, in much the same way as you satiate your hunger when you’re hungry. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but it’s basic human behaviour isn’t it?

But rather than get yourself mixed up with escorts, why not book erotic massage services instead? There’s something profoundly intimate about a massage. The way I do them anyway! Having an expert pair of hands, and a fit, tight body, sliding all over you, really is special.

My advice?

Well, whether my advice is worth anything at all, it’s not for me to say. But I will say that you don’t actually need to make finding someone special the focal point of your existence. You’re probably busy enough already! Just go with the flow and let things happen guys…

Go and book some erotic massage services…

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