What the naughty boys get up to in London City!

London naked massageI know about you boys… I know what you get up to! When you’re not getting your London naked massage with me or one of my friends, you’re looking at naked flesh elsewhere! There’s plenty to go at in London City too actually, so if you’re not familiar with all the places you could be going, I’m going to give you a little idea about where to go. I don’t go there myself, but I have all this information on very good authority indeed! You guys!!!

How about a strip club?

This is something that I don’t offer! In fact, none of my sexy friends offer this service either. But then, a stripper isn’t all that if she can’t give you the London naked massage you desire is she? LOL! Seriously for a moment. There are some pretty good places around London City that you could go for a little titillation if you seek it. You’ll get all turned on mind you, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. All of the following places are quite near to our massage locations too, so if you want to unwind after a visit, do let me know!

For Your Eyes Only

This is a relatively new place. Well, I say it’s new, but it’s been around for a long time, only it’s just reopened recently after a refurbishment. It’s quite a classy place, with a classy feel to it. It’s located on City Road, nearer the Old Street entrance. It’s downstairs where it’s nice and private, and the staff are really good. The drinks aren’t too bad, but they’ll get you with the cocktails, they’re expensive! The girls offer great private dances to those who want them, and there’s usually a few of them dancing around on the stage too. They’ll bother you for a while for private dances, but if you’re strong and resist, they’ll soon leave you alone and you’ll need to approach them instead.

The Rainbow Sports Bar

This is a pound in the pot place and it’s pretty damn good. I say “pound in the pot” because basically, after you get in there you are required to put a pound in the glass of each and every girl that goes up to dance. She’ll come and find you before she goes on, don’t worry! The girls are very beautiful, but unlike For Your Eyes Only, these ones won’t leave you alone! Competitive drink prices, and dances from just £20!


Browns is starting to become a bit of a chain now, and I think they’ve got a few places dotted around. The one I’m referring to here is the one near our London naked massage girls of course. It’s up the road from The Rainbow and not far from Liverpool Street Station. Prices are all comparable to the last two places I mentioned, but the private dance area is really nice and private here, behind a sexy beaded curtain!

Don’t forget your massage!

When you’ve finished, don’t forget to book your London naked massage with me, or one of my friends. We’ll calm you down, get your excited again, and then calm you right back down again! LOL!

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