What the hell is Fortenite and why are you playing it?

tantric massageI’m not kidding, really I’m not! All I’ve been hearing lately is about you guys playing Fortenite. Even the other tantric massage girls have been hearing the same thing. Some of my other friends have boyfriends who won’t give them any attention because of this damned online fighting game. I mean, since when has a video game been able to compete with a willing naked girlfriend? Seriously, it’s a wonder some of you guys still have a woman!

Games vs Dames

I understand that video games can be addictive. But then, so can a really good blow job can’t it? Not that you’d get one from my tantric massage friends of course, I’m referring to your girlfriends. Do you really prefer to be killing some imaginary foes on a video game than getting your bone chewed on? You really must be mad. It’s very easy to sort out you know. Just pack it in and grow up! Recognise what you’ve got and put down the controller! Remember that if you leave her alone long enough, she’ll find someone who wants to keep her company. Make no mistake about it. Go ahead and ask any of my tantric massage friends, they’ll tell you exactly the same as me!

Use this to your advantage

If you’ve been mistreating your woman due to video games, then you have the perfect opportunity to change that and make a really big impression now. The next time you have a gaming night session planned for yourself and you start getting a little stiff when you switch on the PS4, do something else. Switch it off again and go find your woman. When she says: “I thought you were playing your game,” as you find her reaching for her vibrator in the top bedside drawer, prove to her you’re still a man. Tell her that you’d rather be with her and take her there and then. It’ll be a massive turn on for her to know that you prefer her over your game; especially if you’re a serial gamer and you’ve been ignoring your woman for a while.

We’re women (and tantric massage girls!), we’re not idiots, and we will find our attention somewhere!

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