What Nuru massage really is

Nuru massageLet’s start with the short answer shall we? Most of you believe that Nuru massage is a type of massage, like a style or technique, but it’s actually not. Nuru massage is so called simply because it utilises a particular type of lubricant – Nuru gel!

Not everyone uses the real stuff when they give Nuru massage

This is the important thing to remember guys. Not every masseuse uses Nuru gel, but many of them will be quick to tell you that they offer Nuru massage. What they really mean is that they offer body to body massage, and this isn’t the same thing. Well, technically it is, but they’re not using the gel.

I always use Nuru gel when a client books a Nuru massage. You never know when you’re going to get a client so discerning that they know the difference. And believe me, there are a number of you out there. I like to call you my massage connoisseurs! There’s no point in booking a massage if you’re not getting what you ordered is there?

If you plan to book a Nuru massage with anyone else and they offer this service, please be sure to ask them if they’re using the genuine stuff. If they say they are, and you discover that they’re not, you have a good reason to get your money back or at the very least get an apology and never return. You should come and see me first really to set the standard!

What’s the difference with Nuru gel?

The difference can only really be experienced, and I urge you to try it. Nuru gel is unbelievably slippery, and it doesn’t fade away when it gets hot etc. it’s designed specifically as a lubricant for this business and there’s nothing like it in my book. I have tons of the stuff, and I use a lot! It’s also water based and washes off easy, doesn’t stain and it’s odourless! So you see, perfect for those of you who like to keep your London Nuru massages on the quiet!


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