What happens when you stop drinking booze!

sensual massageLet me just start by saying that I do like to have a drink every now and then. I’m not some kind of preacher here that’s going to tell you that booze is the worst thing you could be doing. I’m a sensual massage professional, not a doctor, and I have no idea about your current medical condition. However, I’m relatively well read and intelligent enough to pass on some of my knowledge in the hope that some of you might get something from it. You know how I like to help. So I’m going to let you know what happens to you when you stop drinking.

What happens to you

No, you don’t just get pissed off cause you can’t have a drink. Although this is more than likely to be the first reaction. Probably immediately after anyone decides they’re going to stop drinking, even if it’s temporarily.

  • The best thing about giving up drinking is that you’ll lose weight. Most people don’t realise the calories in their beer (no, I don’t really drink beer!). If you have a couple of beers a day, it can add up to a couple of thousand calories! That’s a lot, I’m sure you’ll agree.
  • You sleep better. You’re more alert and sharper when you’re not drinking. And I don’t just mean that you’re not drunk, I’m talking about all the time. Studies have proved that people make much better choices and think better when they’re not “on the sauce”.
  • Speaking of which, what do you do when you drink? If you’re anything like me, or any of my sensual massage friends, you probably eat junk when you’ve had a bit of booze! When you’re not drinking you’ll cut down on all that binging.
  • Poor mental health. Now I’m not talking about your weight here. I’m talking about how booze can alter your mood and effect your mental health. Not just when you’re drinking, but even up to a couple of days after people have reported bad mood swings etc.
  • Your risk of cancer is reduced. It surprised me when I learned that there were a number of different cancers connected to alcohol consumption. Liver (obviously!), but also: bowel, mouth and throat! That’s a depressing thought isn’t it?

Everything in moderation, including sensual massage

That’s right, I said massage in moderation too. You see, I’m not just trying to get you come and see me. I’m talking about the money too here you see. If you drink all the time, it’s costing you a small fortune, in the same way as it would be if you came to see me for a massage all the time! But the most important thing to take away from my little “self-help” blog this week is that you can do all of this in moderation. Sensual massage, drinking, eating what you want etc. is all actually very good for you because it makes you happy; just don’t do it all the time!

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