We’re only women!

tantric massageThere are so many men out there that are still nervous when they meet us. Well, they’re nervous when they meet any women sometimes, so I’m going to give you a few tips. You’d think that when we’re both naked, you wouldn’t have a problem with women! I suppose that having a tantric massage is a little different. Once I get you under my hands your inhibitions tend to disappear rather quickly though don’t they?

You can’t be naked all the time!

But the fact remains that you can’t get naked with every woman you meet can you? There has to be other “ice-breakers” etc. It’s a lot easier than you think though. You just have to be you! I happen to love meeting a really genuine guy, even if he’s not that interesting. The fact that he’s not bullshitting me is a refreshing change. When you’re an attractive young tantric massage professional, you tend to get hit on quite a lot and very little of the lines are actually real! I’m immune now though, so you won’t pull the wool over my eyes!

Keeping it real

You have to remember, as I said in the title, we’re just women. We’re human beings just like you, and we value honesty, integrity, and real personalities. And what’s more is that I know you’ve all got them, you just choose to hide them because we’re women. I know, ironic right? It’s always been the same. Men try to impress women with the things that are the least impressive. I mean real women of course, like myself and my tantric massage friend. Not the flakes you can pick up in bars with a flash of your wallet. We’re a lot more discerning!

Don’t overdo your introductions

If you can meet women through friends, or other women etc. then it’s always going to be easier to show someone your true self. But you will have to impress that girl that’s caught your eye, if you can’t get an introduction. Just make sure you don’t bullshit her. It’s much better to think hard about something that you can say, rather than invent some load of bull. In any event, you can always ask her about herself. And all women, including me, love that! Show some interest fellas, and don’t forget, we’re just women!

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