Want to become a tantric masseuse?


We are now offering courses in how to become a tantric masseuse! We will provide detailed training both practical and theoretic where you will learn the basics in tantra and how to proceed to become a success full goddess with a great potential of making high earnings. Tantric massage is not just straight forward. One needs to learn to really feel it and love it and most importantly it’s not for everyone to give it as most people prefer to receive it. It can be draining as you always give a lot of yourself and your positive energy but most of the time is extremely giving and it is a great job to practise even if if just perhaps part time.

If you perhaps your dream has never been to become a tantric masseuse there is another aspect to the course. You will learn about your own sensuality and about your partners and how to link those energies together, it’s extremely helpful in a relation ship and as well if you are single trying to find your way. It’s about taking a moment to breathe and meditate your sexual feelings and emotions and say goodbye to any embarrassing blockages and open your mind to another way of thinking, in short words: liberating!

Courses starts from £100 pounds per hour and can be purchased individually or in a group.

Give us a call if you got any questions or if you perhaps just want a chat!