Waiting for your Shoreditch sensual massage appointment?

We thought it might help you a little to learn about a few places of interest in the area.  Not everyone can be perfectly on time for their Shoreditch sensual massage and it’s horrible being early and not knowing what to do; we hope this helps…

It’s actually quite nice to arrive early and get yourself nice and relaxed and in the mood for your appointment.  That is of course if you are afforded the luxury of having time to spare; we know not all of you have this.  Your Shoreditch sensual massage should be something you can savour and we very much believe the mere anticipation of your booking is as tantalizing as the actual experience!

Shoreditch Sensual massage

The Shoreditch Grind!

Anticipate your Shoreditch sensual massage over coffee

It’s nice to get a little caffeine kick sometimes.  Before a massage it can help keep you alert and able to experience every last touch of your masseuse’s hands.  Some people actually doze off during a massage, so we’ve been told, but this has yet to happen with us for obvious reasons!  Here are a few places in the area you might like to go for a drink and perhaps read your paper before your Shoreditch sensual massage appointment is due:

  • Shoreditch Grind – 213 Old Street. We know it sounds a bit rude really doesn’t it?  But they are of course referring to the grinding of the coffee beans!  A lovely little coffee house, non-pretentious, yet with great coffee and very friendly staff.  The whole place is circular in design with white washed brick walls that give it a really nice feel; no edges and corners in this place!
  • The Bridge – 15 Kingsland Road. In the spirit of competition when it comes to coffee houses, The Bridge has done a very good job.  It becomes necessary to do something different if you want to compete in this business these days and their Victorian style parlour really has trumped many of the massive chain coffee shops around the city.  Who needs Costa when you’ve got The Bridge?  Good coffee, good atmosphere!
  • The Old Shoreditch Station – 1 Kingsland Road. For those who like to experience a bit more of a basic coffee shop, how they used to be before all the chains came in and the chic culture invaded, The Old Shoreditch Station is the place.  This is the place to go and simply sit, undisturbed by anyone.  By the way, if you’re nerves are bothering you a little whilst you contemplate your Shoreditch sensual massage, you can also have a wee dram of whiskey in this place!

We have to say here however, that despite what we said about the last coffee shop here, a small drink is alright, but please do not ever turn up for your massage inebriated; it’s really not cool and it’s certainly not charming!

Thanks guys…

Hope to see you all soon!

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