Trouble connecting with women outside of work

I’ve come to realise that for some people, I am the only female company they have (me or one of my sexy friends of course!) So I’m writing little blog, not to encourage you to see more of me (to my detriment I realise!), but to help you to meet other people. I’ve written little guides and advice before, that are similar to this, but you can never have too much advice from a tantric massage professional can you? We do see a lot of men after all, and I can personally testify to knowing that I’m the only woman some of my clients see outside of work.

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The trouble is that when you get into that rut of only meeting women in this way it prevents you connecting with them in all other areas of your life. It’s about balance more than anything really. It’s more than likely this lack of connecting on a real level with people that has created a generation of such socially awkward people (both men and women alike). It’s all very well presenting the women in your life with an idealised “version” of yourself via social media, but it doesn’t come close to the genuine interactions from being face to face with a woman.

How do I know this?

Well most people tell me about it to be honest, but I can also spot socially awkward people when I meet them anyway to be honest. They don’t have to tell me, and there’s a big difference between a nervous person and a socially awkward one. Besides, my regular tantric massage clients aren’t nervous at all, because they know me; but they can still be socially awkward.

Push your luck!

So, at the end of the day, even regular tantric massage won’t make a great deal of lasting difference. Spending an hour in the company of myself or one of my friends will be a welcome alleviation of course, and you may also part my company feeling a bit more inspired, but sociability with a woman is a skill that needs to be practised, in much the same way as I have to practice my tantric massage skills so I can stay on top form.

So you have to be brave and “push your luck” basically. There are no easy fixes, and it’s very much a case of getting back up when you’re down and dusting yourself off for another go. If you see a girl you like the look of, talk to her. Don’t have an endgame in mind, just talk. In fact that’s the only advice I would give you. You’re sensible enough to know when you get a good feeling from someone. And even if your sensors are a little off, it won’t take long to “re-calibrate” them, for want of a better word. But remember what I said, don’t have any endgame in mind. It’s not about getting anything, it’s about learning. Play the long game and get better results!

I’m sending you positive thoughts


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