Top three tantric massage services in London

tantric massage servicesI’m always looking to better the website and keep in line with the competition etc. So this means I’m on top of what people like when it comes to tantric massage services in London (actually, pun intended!) I could have told you this top three years ago of course, it doesn’t change often, but it’s good to keep yourself updated.

Tantric massage services

When I go searching around, doing my research I end up looking at all the other tantric massage services on offer, all over London, not just in my particular areas. I look at reviews websites too of course, and with all the hours I put into searching out this stuff I discovered the following top three:

  • Body to Body massage. This has always been one of most often booked tantric massage services from myself and my friends, so it came as no surprise to me that it was still the most popular service from all the other London providers (the professional ones that is!) The body to body is basically the go to choice for anyone booking tantric massage services in London these days. They love the fact that their masseuse is going to touch their body with their own. It’s extremely sensual. The great thing about the masseuse friends I work with is that they all have their own unique styles. You’ll never get the same body to body service from two masseuses!
  • Authentic Nuru massage. This is done traditionally with genuine Nuru gel. It’s basically the ancient art of getting really slippery and proceeding to slide all over the body of your client with your own. It’s pretty much the same as the body to body massage, but this gel really makes all the difference and it’s very slippery! I love to slide around with this stuff and I’m very good at it!
  • Outcall massage. This was the only one that’s starting to make a sudden rise. It’s probably due to the time of year and people not wanting to leave their hotels! Why would you go out in the crappy weather to get your tantric massage services when you could have me come and visit your hotel? It’s a little more expensive, but it covers travel costs etc. I’ll bring literally everything I need to with me of course; and so will all my friends, don’t worry!

So what are you waiting for?

Now you know the most popular, it’s time for you to make a choice. Or you could just come along and decide when you get here, with a little guidance from me or my friends. We can introduce you to new things or do the things you already enjoy. When it comes to my tantric massage services, I sometimes like to offer a bespoke approach!

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