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It’s not just about the market in Spitalfields either.  In the same way many other parts of London seem to be developing their own personality of sorts, Spitalfields is turning into a delightful place to visit.  There’s a curious mixture of people in Spitalfields, some reside there and others have just discovered how diverse the area is.  Browsing the market, indulging in the rich variety of street food, getting yourself a curry in Brick Lane or going to one of their great bars, or even browsing some pretty exclusive boutiques.  Spitalfields really does seem to have it all; not to mention the excellent Spitalfields massage that we offer of course!

We already told you about a few lovely coffee shops in Spitalfields a couple of weeks ago, so we won’t go into that again.  Let’s have a little look at some other places of interest:

  • Brick Lane. Disregarding the rather grim “Jack the Ripper” history, you’ll find that these days Brick Lane is a wondrous place to be.  Today it’s a vibrant place, with some very colourful street art to admire, created by the diverse mix of cultures inhabiting the area.  Among the street art and the trendy crowds you’ll find a great market.  Bars in the area are usually filled with a great crowd and live music often features too.  You can learn more about what’s on in Brick Lane at their website!
  • Dennis Severs’ House. Really, this is a must see!  If you claim to be someone who is interested in culture and history, you simply can’t beat taking a look at what they’ve done in this place.  Ten rooms that have been laid out to present you with moments in Spitalfields history.  Take advantage of this unusual type of museum for just a tenner!
  • Spitalfields massage. We couldn’t forget ourselves could we?  When you’ve had enough of all the markets, bars and boutiques, you might just want to relax in the very capable hands of Cassandra or one of her close and very talented friends.  There can’t really be a better end to the day can there?

Spitalfields massage

Fancy a pint after your Spitalfields massage?

Or can there?  Everyone likes a pint right?  No, seriously, we’re not saying it’s better than a massage by Cassandra, which would be silly!  However, if you have time to kill when you’ve been to seventh heaven, there are some great bars in Spitalfields:

  • The Golden Heart. A great traditional pub in Spitalfields, that doesn’t necessarily share what you would assume was the “traditional” type of pub crowd.  In fact it’s arguably the pub furniture that’s about the most traditional part of the place.  Our particular favourite feature is the juke box; it’s looks awesome and there are some great tunes on there!
  • Water Poet. An unusual name for a pub we know, but this is a pretty unusual place.  We don’t mean “far out” type weird, we mean that it’s not often you find a place like Water Poet.  It’s quite literally like stepping into a Victorian drawing room, with the leather studded armchairs and quite atmosphere.  It is however the perfect place to get some time to have a quite beer and read the paper after browsing the stalls on Spitalfields Market, or of course following your Spitalfields massage!

So what are you waiting for?  Visit Spitalfields this weekend!

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