There’s more to a man than simply looking good fellas!

That’s the way these days isn’t it? To look as good as you can? It seems to be so, and the only way to keep up with everyone else – posing and posting selfies on Facebook and everywhere else, in their narcissistic stupor – is to do the same right? Wrong!

It’s not about that fellas… Leave that to the shallow types. Leave that to the guys who do what everyone else does. Take it from me, I’ve been a London tantric massage specialist for a long time, and I’ve met a lot of different gents and seen a lot of male bodies! Believe me, if all this looking good and wearing the right things malarkey had any impression on the women you want to impress, I’d know about it. There’s much, much more to a man than how bushy and soft his beard is, how huge his biceps are, and how many tattoos he has!

Now, I don’t get myself tied down to any particular man personally, but I know what I like. I’m going to do you a favour and share it with you. I’m not saying that running a London tantric massage business has desensitised me when it comes to the male form, I can still appreciate a good looking man and a fine body! What I will say is that it’s helped me judge a man on far more than this alone. I have some tips to share with you:

  • Give her attention. I’m talking from my ow personal experience here guys, but you can extend this to practically any woman you’re interested in. Now, listen to this! It has to be genuine. Listen to what she has to say, show an interest, and pay attention. If you’re interested in her, then you’ll be interested in what she has to say, what she’s into, her plans and aspirations etc. When it comes to attention there’s another side of this too of course. Do nice things for her, show her that you’re thinking about her. If you wake up and you find yourself thinking about her, send her a message and tell her. Make plans to meet with her. We love that stuff guys!
  • Don’t show off. We are far more impressed by things you do that you actually don’t draw attention to. You’d be amazed at what we find attractive boys, it could be the smallest of things: the way you speak to your mother, the way you help someone carry a bag, holding a door open, the way you smile or tilt your head in a particular way when you’re listening to us. You see, it could be anything! What you do need to know however is that we will know if you’re putting it on.
  • Be a gentleman. It’s not old fashioned, it is important, so just do it! And if you don’t know what a gentleman does by now… well, you’re a lost cause! Haha! Google it…

By the way… None of this will work on me! Seriously, I don’t need a boyfriend/partner, and neither do any of my friends who work with me at Cassandra’s massage. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t behave yourself and be the perfect gentleman when you come for your London tantric massage!

Call me today boys… Let’s get you all relaxed!

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