The spark is back very unexpectedly :)

The spark is back so no more radio silence :)

Hi everyone, I seriously hope that you are all doing ok both physically and mentally. It’s been a long and draining period for all of us and if I have to be honest I did loose that spark for awhile… and not at least to mention my passion do do what I do best which is sensual massage of the highest grade lol. I am done with listening to any more news about C-19 (do not even want to write it in full)!

Get that spark back

The other day this little hot package arrived from my favourite lingerie shop ‘Blue Bella’ from out of the blue or at least that’s what I thought! It turned out that one of my beautiful and long term lovers had decided to cheer me up and all I can say is that IT WORKED! It started with a red little number… then followed by a back silk pj’s, I mean who doesn’t need one of those when the only thing you really do is laying in bed? (or at least that’s how it was for a quite long period of time) So we have now got more or less addicted to this little C-19 game where I keep on receiving a black hot little box from Blue Bella ever so often! Thank you G ;).

Spark to be continued

So because this little game has been so extremely successful for both me and my friend I have now decided to share my moments with you…. I will do so frequently both in writing and visually! And I am hoping that we can return to do what we do best very soon, we MISS YOU!

The spark is back with ariella suspender black</a this number is heaven on earth!

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From Cassandra with love xoxo