Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful response over the last couple of weeks, the positive feedback has been enormous and we can not say how thrilled we are! And don’t worry, if you did not manage to reserve a slot just keep on trying and call as early as possible as when we do get busy we have difficulty to answer the phone immediately.

I am doing a tantric course with ‘Catherine’ next week. She is apparently a tantric ‘guru’ and she teaches authentic tantra to other practitioners in her own place in North London. My very good friend ‘Melissa’ told me about her and I am so excited to get involved. Will write more details after my session as I am sure there will be loads of ‘juicy’ stuff to share with you all. I mean just picture this: 4 naked tantric goddesses together practising the ancient art… One can only imagine what we will get up to ;)

I also have a new friend in town this weekend. My english rose from Oxford called ‘Pamela’. She is extremely hot, got all the curves in the right places, if you know what I mean, and I’v been told that her touch is rather healing. She has been practising sensual massage in Australia and New Zealand for over three years but has now returned home to her roots and how happy are we for that! She will be based close to Liverpool street and Spitafields.

See you soon