Tantric massage service – restaurant recommendations for March!

tantric massage serviceYou know I love to eat out right? Well, you ought to know that by now! I’m a Londoner after all and there are very few of us who stay in and cook when we have such wonderful places to explore. I go out to eat a lot for two main reasons however: I can afford it and my tantric massage service keeps me too busy to cook!

Or perhaps I’m just a little lazy, who knows? Let’s not go into it too much. I have two new places for you to try today guys. You simply have to try these two if you can. They’re not widely known, so I hope that you really appreciate my help here gents. You’ll be sure to impress the lady in your life!

My March recommendations

Viet Hoa Cafe

There’s a lovely café in Shoreditch that I’ve been going to for a long time now. Not surprising since myself and my tantric massage service friends reside around there! Beneath the café however, is a lovely restaurant! It’s very modern dining and I really like that. Not too much to choose from on the menus, some lovely salads and the DIY steaks are something else. Get yourself there and try it out, it’s really quirky and fancy all at the same time; right up my street!


Not sure if you know what a caboose is or not? It’s basically a train carriage that they used to have at the very back. Probably to carry tools and such, I’m not sure. But this particular caboose is actually a restaurant in Brick Lane. And it is actually in an old carriage. Don’t worry it’s not all messy, it’s all restored and looks the business. Perfect for those who like dining in quirky places. You probably gathered that I’m one of these people! You can book a private dining experience with your friends if you book in advance and it’s a really nice atmosphere. You can even take your own booze!

Don’t forget your tantric massage service

And it wouldn’t be a proper blog post without an upsell at the end would it? So here it is. Whilst you’re thinking about spoiling yourself, why not make a day of it? Come and see myself or one of my friends for a mind blowing tantric massage service and then take yourself out to dinner. Don’t tell me where you’re going though because I might want to come with you!

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