A tantric massage isn’t nearly as expensive as you think it is!

tantric massageConsidering what you get, it’s really not that expensive at all gents! It’s time some of you were aware of that by the way. It’s all very well someone going on about getting a £40 massage from a Thai massage parlour, but that’s not really the same is it now? You pay £40 and you get a rub down at best!

The price of a truly tantric massage

You can get a genuine tantric massage done by a professional such as myself, for just £100! Not expensive right? However, having said that, you really might as well opt for the extra 20 quid and get a full on sensual massage or body to body service. This is what most people tend to go for, and they never regret it to tell the truth. Having a naked woman sliding over your body is worth every penny really isn’t it? And it’s better than having your legs twisted behind your damn head in a Thai massage!

What else would you do with £100?

£100 can’t get you much these days to be honest. So having a tantric massage seems to be very good value for money in my opinion (yes, I know I’m biased!) Some people can dump a £100 on after word drinks for goodness sake. You see, I know you city boys and what you carry around in your pocket! If you’re going to spend £100 in an hour after work with your friends, why not spend an hour with me in private for the same amount? It’s a no brainer surely?

Getting back the good stuff!

Myself and all of my friends love doing body to body massages. This is obviously something that gives a certain amount of pleasure to both the masseuse and the client they’re working on, but you needn’t bother expecting us to pay for it! We call it a tantric massage “perk!”

So in other words, please book a body to body massage! Oh, and don’t ever let us hear you complain about the price of a tantric massage, it’s simply not expensive!

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