The summer of London sensual massage is here, and I’m so happy!

London sensual massageAside from the fact that we’re in that ridiculous part of the year where you simply don’t know what to wear, it’s all good. I mean, seriously, what is it with British spring/summer?! You go out with a coat, then you don’t need it, then you need it again… Then you need an umbrella! But, as some of you will already know, I am forever the optimist, so to hell with this part, I’m focusing on the good stuff ahead. My London sensual massage business is doing very well, I expect it to continue improving throughout the year, and if I want, I can simply just take off to another country for a few days if this weather pisses me off too much!

Don’t worry though, there’s plenty to keep me in London this summer, providing the weather holds out for me! I’ve listed a couple of things below that I’m looking forward to. And I’m looking forward to seeing you of course. You all know who you are! And where the hell have you been? Get in touch!

What are you going to do this summer?

Summer holiday in London? It gets awfully hot in the city during the summer, but it really is the place to be. This is especially so if you’re a guy who likes to look at the ladies go by! Yes, it’s the time of year when the female of the species, including myself, like to wear as little as we can get away with! Now if that isn’t going to get your pulse racing and my phone ringing for one of my London sensual massages, then I don’t know what is! Hell, if you’re not horny now just thinking about my naked, slippery body, sliding all over you, then there must be something wrong with you; and you’re almost certainly on the wrong website!

What I’m looking forward to this summer

Here’s a little list of what I’m looking forward to this summer

  • Notting Hill Carnival – Always a load of fun! I love all the music and dancing. That is when I’m not giving my famous London sensual massages to some of my regulars, and a number of international visitors. It’s certainly a time of year where myself and my friends are kept pretty damn busy! I try to get out for a dance in the street if I can.
  • Spitalfields Market – Now you might say that this is an all year around affair, and you’d be right. But that’s not the point. I have a lot of love for Spitalfields, considering it’s literally just around the corner from me. I spend a lot of time there, but in the summer it brings even more people out and about in their droves! I’m a bit of a people watcher really, if I was being honest, and when I’ve finished with my morning London sensual massage, I like to glide through the market among everyone. I like the anonymity it gives me too. It’s surprising that I live there, yet I can often wonder around and never bump into anyone I know! It isn’t as though I don’t have any friends either!

There’s a lot more of course, but these are two of my favourite things. I should add that I love to dine outdoors in the summer too, and I love doing outcall London sensual massage to those clients who have hotel rooms with balconies! If you book my Wild Card London sensual massage services we can spend even longer together, sipping champagne and getting to know each other etc.

Call me baby!

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