Stretch and massage that stress away

massageStretching is much underrated and yet it’s so important you know. How many times do you go to the gym and simply forget or not bother with your stretches? Yet how many times do you ache like hell afterwards? Yes, a massage will help, but you can do your muscles a whole lot more good by stretching them before and after you work out.

Improve your workout

Whilst stretching won’t improve your workout as such, it will certainly ensure that you recover faster and you get back to the gym sooner to do a little more. There is nothing worse than aching and not feeling inspired enough to go and work out. Most people (me included sometimes) simply think that they need a little extra rest day, when all they really need to do is concentrate on their stretching exercises.

Here’s a little video I found that’ll help you with your most basic stretches. Use it!

Book your massage

Yes, of course I’m going to say it, I’m self serving and I’m not ashamed of it. If you’re working out and you’re doing your stretches, top it all off by getting a massage. And if you’re going to get a massage, you may as well make it a sensual one right? Why wouldn’t you? You get all the therapeutic benefits of a regular massage and all the erotic aspects of a sensual massage! I’m the perfect choice of course, but you can choose from any of my friends too of you like; we’re all very good!

Stretching and massage are not just for working out

If you’re an office worker (which most of you are I know!) you really should make time to stretch at work too. Take a look at Erika Kodera’s article on E News if you want a little more convincing. She also tells you how to do it. She advises having a stretch at least every 45 minutes and I have to say that I totally agree with her. Combine your stretches with a weekly massage (or more if you an afford it!) and soon you won’t know what stress is; at least as it manifests itself physically on your body.

Say no to stress – Stretch, massage and be happy!

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