Stop worrying about baldness!

tantric massage girlsYou know what? It’s a multimillion-pound industry surely? It must be really, and yet men are still going bald. So if they could fix it they probably would have by now; don’t buy into it. It’s time to face facts guys, when your hair starts thinning or falling out, that’s it ok? You’re the only one who actually cares about it you know. I can speak on behalf of all my tantric massage girls when I say that we couldn’t care less. And in fact, a bald guy can be really sexy!

Get rid of it

If you’re stressing about how much it’s thinning out or disappearing on you, why not just bite the bullet and get rid of it? Is it really so revolutionary to shave it all off? Thousands of men do it every day and they never have a problem with it. They may have done initially, but I’m betting that the first woman to comment on how nice they looked, soon made all that worry go away. Me and my tantric massage girls see a number of bald guys, and to be honest, it’s quite nice rubbing our fingers on those heads! LOL! Makes massaging your scalp a lot easier for sure!

The quick fixes

I’m talking about the Regaine, Propecia, minoxidil and hair transplants here. They won’t stop the natural process of aging in the least. Even if you transplant some of your hair, if you’re genetically predisposed to lose your hair, the rest is going to go eventually, and you’ll have to keep going back for top up treatment. And as for the other stuff, is there really any need to keep paying all that money for tablets that have silly side effects etc?

Take it from my tantric massage girls

Take it from us, if you still have quite a bit of hair on your head in your 50s or so, you’re probably not going to lose that much more in your older age. Most hereditary hair loss happens as early as the age of 20 in some cases. It’s just one of those things really. Grow old gracefully guys, it’s attractive, and we love it anyway. Older men are hot! Even bald ones ok?

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