I like to be spoiled with tantric massage as much as you

You’re all probably shouting “that’s not possible!” I know how much you love to get your bodies rubbed down. And I know just how to do it too, but it’s true, even we tantric masseuses like to indulge from time to time…

I love getting massages too!

Oh yes, I really do. Why on earth do you think I have so many sensual massage friends in London? I’m kidding of course, they all have many other attributes, but it never hurts to get one of them to rub me down now and then! In actual fact I think that it’s part of the art form. You know, getting massaged yourself. Because when you think about it, if you’ve never actually experienced a tantric massage by another human being, you’re not in a very good position to give one are you? I attribute a lot of my skill to the fact that I know where I myself like to be touched

I know I’m not a man, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out where a man likes to be touched the most does it? No, what I’m talking about is all the sensual spots on the human body that make you tingle and submit, the ones that make you relax like you’ve never relaxed before. These are the places you need to experience the sensations yourself, before you can create that feeling in another person.

I like to help my friends also

Don’t get me wrong, I do like to reciprocate when one of my lovely lady friends gives me a nice massage. It may well not be at the time of my sensual pleasure, but I’ll surprised them one day out of the blue and tell them to get their kit off and lay down for me. Then I’ll rub them down with all my tantric powers. I’m telling you, being a London tantric massage professional makes like worth living, there’s no wonder so many people are doing it these days.

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