Spitalfields massage and Spitalfields Market

What more could you want in one location?  A great day out browsing the various odds and ends at one of London’s best markets, followed by a nice relaxing Spitalfields massage?  Why not let one of our beautiful young professionals get rid of your stress and help you forget how much money you spent!

It’s a danger when you go to Spitalfields Market, it really is.  Cassandra and her friends certainly enjoy browsing the market for new and exciting things.  It’s one of those places that seem to have something for everyone.  Not only can you pick up some very groovy items of clothing and various collectables, you can also indulge in some of the great international street food on offer; although when you’re a Spitalfields massage professional you do try to watch your figure as much as you can; it goes some way to making the overall experience much better if you’re firm and fit in all the right places!

Today’s Spitalfields Market

The market has always been around, and we expect it to stay, even though it has changed a lot from what it used to be.  There used to be far more collectable stalls and independent traders that sold goods you couldn’t get anywhere else.  Uniqueness was the order of the day.  Whist you can still see a lot of unique items at Spitalfields, it has suffered an influx of those types that sell the same as everyone else – the “cheap knock off brigade” if you will!  However, we actually find it more interesting searching for the good stuff because it’s harder to find; but so much more rewarding when you do.  You’ll certainly require the attention of our Spitalfields massage expert – Cassandra, or one of her equally as lovely friends when you’ve finished!

Spitalfields Massage

Arguably the best day to go to the market is Saturday.  Most people go on a Sunday, but we find it rather busy then.  On a Saturday market there is something different to see every week; and each week has a different theme.  It’s certainly the place to go for fans of vintage stuff, including: clothing, antiques and collectables.  But then on another week you may find more hand-made items, or perhaps even an African themed market.  Visit Spitalfields Market website for more about each day of the week.

Spitalfields massage

There are a number of places you could go for a massage around Spitalfields of course, but we are very pleased to say that because Cassandra is one of the best in the business, she and her friends offer a service that really is unrivalled anywhere in the area; or indeed London.  You can trust Cassandra to choose only her most talented friends to work with her too, so you are pretty much guaranteed a highly sensual and relaxing experience, not matter who you choose to be your masseuse.

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