Slushie cocktails! Don’t mind if I do!

Sometimes I get a little tired of keeping fit all the time. I know I’ve got an awesome body (and most of you do too of course), so I like to “let loose” every now and then. After all, you wouldn’t want your Liverpool Street body to body massage done by a skinny, bony Chicca would you?

Of course, you wouldn’t. So I’m telling you about my new guilty pleasure in Brick Lane. My first visit (yes I’m guilty of multiple visits!) was for a regular slushie. You know, a bit like those old types you used to get at fairgrounds etc. but it didn’t take me long to realise that it really was a “cocktail” bar! Suffice to say that my second and subsequent visits saw me indulging in slushies spiked with tequila and Earl Grey Gin!

Don’t worry about my London tantric massage body

Don’t worry about my body, I don’t worry about yours. I am positive that a few slushies aren’t going to do any lasting damage to this body, aren’t you? And if you don’t believe me, come and visit me, or invite me to your hotel for a discreet afternoon sensual massage session! If you’ve yet to see me, take a look at the massages I have on offer and their related prices. And don’t forget that I have a number of very talented friends that work in the London massage industry; each one is very well trained and highly professional.
So, to hell with the sensual massage figure for a day or two. Or at least until I’ve outgrown London’s latest pop-up offering! They’ll be a health food pop-up next week sometimes, so I’ll compensate. Anyway, I’ve yet to have a complaint about my body from any of my tantric massage clients! Seriously though for a moment, Sister Sludge is only there until 4th September, so make it a mission.

Go and check out the Sister Sludge website, and for goodness sake treat yourself! You only live once…

With that in mind, don’t forget to book a massage with me!

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