Skye – My new Liverpool Street Massage friend!

Introducing yet another young Liverpool Street massage professional! My new pal Skye is here in London to make a big impression! I just wanted to take a moment to fully appreciate Skye and give her a proper introduction. You can visit her profile now and check out what she has to offer, but for those of you who already know and trust me, I can tell you that she’s a must see!

Liverpool Street massage

Trust Cassandra!

When have I ever pointed you wrong gentlemen? You’ve spoken to me on the phone before right? When the girl you want hasn’t been available and I’ve made a suggestion based on your needs, have I ever been wrong? I don’t think so! I’ve been a tantric masseuse for many years now and I reckon I could tell what a client wanted by the sound of his voice! LOL!

Skye the new Liverpool Street massage babe!

She really is a babe. I know I don’t put full frontal pictures on the website or anything, but you can trust me. The girls I have working with me are all by very close friends (as I’ve said consistently) and I respect their privacy above everything else. If you book to have a massage by Skye, or even me, you’re going to know what we look like, and then it’s our little secret. Anyway, just looking at the pictures you see on her profile (or any of my friends), you can be pretty certain that this Liverpool Street massage babe isn’t going to have a face that doesn’t match that gorgeous body, right?

New pictures

I’m trying to encourage my pals to get some more pictures done too, as you’ve probably noticed. You can see this sort of style when you look at Alisha’s profile too. I really like the way this photographer has captured my friends. Maybe I’ll get him to do me too? And then he can take my pictures! LOL! I am naughty, I know…

Anyway, if you want to book Skye, just give me a call and I’ll arrange for her to be running her hands all over your body in no time at all!

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