Welcome to my Signature Massages

My friends and I have been busy finding the best way to serve you, and we’ve come up with some really great signature massages, exclusive to me! We’re all very good at them don’t worry, and we’ve been practicing them on our clients, so we know that they’re more than ready! All the following massages are priced as follows:

  • £150 for 1 hour
  • £220 for 90 min
  • £280 for 2 hours

I strongly recommend that you book as long as you can!

Recover Me Tantric Session
per hour

Recover me tantric session

You’ve all had that feeling the next morning when you’ve been on a night out, or you’ve had a particularly tough day, where you simply need to be pampered, and more importantly, recovered! This isn’t just a simple message, this session focuses entirely on your recovery, as well as tantric pleasure.

Oxygen and a bloody Mary will be offered on your arrival (alcohol free options are available for those who can’t take “hair of the dog”). We know what we’re doing however, and we wouldn’t offer these things to you if we didn’t know for sure that they would help! Your recovery will then commence with clean, hot towels placed over your body to warm you up and begin your relaxation. This is followed by carefully applied hot oils, all over your body, paying particular attention to your temples, your head, neck, and shoulders (everywhere you’re sure to be aching!)

This gentle, indulgent and pampering approach, culminates in our classic body to body, signature, authentic tantric massage, delivered in a way that is sure to induce absolute bliss. This massage is recommended not only for those of you who tend to over indulge, but it’s perfect for anyone who has a long journey home ahead of them, by train, plane or automobile! Or what about having a recover me tantric session before that important meeting? Nothing like a recovering tantric massage to focus the mind!

Detoxify Me Tantric Session
per hour

Detoxify me tantric session

We all need to detox every once in a while. It’s not something that you only do after Christmas when you’ve drank enough to sink a small ship and eaten more junk than you do all year round! Detoxing your body is something that should be done regularly, and is particularly important to those of you with a busy, hectic lifestyle in the city. We know what it’s like when you’re out to dinner or lunch with clients and you’re eating all that rich food and indulging in the booze etc. Add to this the fact that you’re probably not getting enough sleep or even rest, and you end up with a worn out body. Detoxing can help your body recover by flushing away all the toxins and leaving some room for natural healing.

Your detoxifying massage will include specialist detox oils that aid in the process, and also steam to open and clean the pores in your skin, whilst improving your respiration and overall cardiovascular health. When you arrive, you will be made welcome with a detox tea that we recommend (optional of course). After which, hot towels will be laid over your body to open the pores on your skin. Steam will be used to deeply clean and detoxify, and you will also be offered a light scrub too.

And as with all of our specialist, signature massages, our detoxify me tantric session includes an amazing body to body massage. Not only is this incredibly sensual of course (in all the right ways!), but it’s also remarkably useful as a detox therapy because having a beautiful body rubbing against your own, really does improve your circulation and eases aching muscles.

Relaxing Me Tantric Session
1 hour

Relax me tantric session

All the massages you get here are relaxing, make no mistake about it. They’re a relaxing as they are sensual and exciting, so you’re always going to get what you want. However, we are proud to introduce our relax me tantric session, that goes a lot further to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

This treatment from our new signature range, begins with a calming tea on your arrival, along with the option to meditate with your chosen therapist. And since you are paying the extra for this specialist service, we strongly recommend you take all the options available to you. They have been carefully thought out and only really work their best when enjoyed in their entirety. Your masseuse will show you some remarkably beneficial breathing techniques, and do these with you; it’s a great way to form a bond with your therapist actually.

With meditations, breathing exercises and special blends of aromatic oils (odourless is available on request), our signature relax me tantric session, will be sure to help you end the day. Of course, no signature tantric experience from Tantric Touch London would be complete without a classic body to body authentic tantric massage. We are certain that you will enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy giving it to you.