Sensual massage therapy for guys on Tinder

sensual massage

Really, there is! I read it on Elite Daily today. It’s not a London sensual massage of course, but it does apparently relieve some of the tension and stress you put on your hands by swiping left too much on those dating apps!

To be honest, I’ve never really thought for too long about hand and wrist massages in this way before, but I suppose all that smartphone swiping much cause a bit of RSI. I’m no stranger to helping people with repetitive strain injury of course, but I do prefer the more sensual side of things!

How about a sensual massage for serial daters?

This article got me to thinking however. Perhaps there’s a way I can use this RSI dating app phenomenon, and turn it into something that’s really sexy instead. For all those serial daters out there, you know? Those types that are swiping pretty much with every free minute of the day and night. They go to the toilet at work and sit there swiping, then extend the range discovery settings on the app so they get more women to look at! You know who you are!

But you’ll get no judgements from me, that’s for sure. Being in the London sensual massage business I know just how important it is for guys to get female attention, and perhaps interaction if they’re lucky. It’s a basic human requirement in order to live a healthy life for goodness sake. This is why so many single guys have me rub them the right way (if you know what I mean!) Everyone needs some attention!

Release yourself from the stress of Tinder with London sensual massage therapy

So, when you’ve had a pretty bad week on Tinder, or one of those other dating apps that require you to swipe left and right, book yourself a sensual massage with me. We can start on your hands and wrists if that’s what seems to be bothering you the most, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be keen to progress onto some more interesting areas. Yes? This will alleviate two things: your RSI problems, and also your disappointment at not finding anyone who’s replying to your messages! When you’ve finished a London sensual massage with me, the last thing in your mind will be dating!

Call me! X

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