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London massageThis to all you gentlemen out there at have very close friends, whom they share quite a lot with! I know there are some of you… Well, I’m writing this little blog today to let you know that I really do appreciate “referrals,” so to speak. You know what they say about reviews. Everyone is keen to complain to others when they’ve had a bad experience, but not that many tell the story when they’ve had a good one. This needn’t be the case with my London massage service.

Tell your friends

If you’ve experienced my London massage service before, then I would urge you to tell others. It’s not that I have so much free time of course, but I do have a number of friends who do the same thing as me, as some of you will already know. All of the girls I work with are very good of course, just as good in one way or another than me. And that’s saying something, because I rate myself quite highly indeed.

When you’re down the pub after work in London City, and you get to talking about how you unwind etc. just drop into the conversation that you tend to get yourself a nice massage from time to time. And do mention that I live nearby, and you consider me to be one of the best in the business. You can go into more details as you see fit of course, but if you mention the word “tantric” they’ll get the message. In my experience, there isn’t a man alive that doesn’t know what that means. But there are plenty that have yet to experience the joys this type of London massage service can bring!

My friends appreciate the “referral” too!

All of the sexy friends you see on my website love to see new guys, and we know there are so many more who need to know about what we do. We need you to have the courage to “spread the word,” you know, in the true biblical sense! Tell the world about the joys of sensual London massage. You know for a fact that they’ll thank you for it in the end!

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