Raising your mood with massage in London

massage in LondonI’m not sure whether or not the summer is actually over or not, judging by the weather and the grey skies in London. I know that it’s not “officially” over, but you never can go by these dates when you love in the UK can you? It’s pertinent to this discussion today because the grey skies overhead are implicitly linked to people’s low mood. It’s been proven of course, I’m not just making it up! And rather than having all of you rush out to buy one of those sun lamps, isn’t it better to try and raise your spirits in a more natural and fun way?

This is clearly why I’m writing this blog update. I’m not sure how much you actually know about the healing potential a massage in London can offer. It’s the tactile nature of it more than anything else. It’s proven that those who have physical interaction with others are generally happier. In much the same way as a hug, or someone touching your hand when they speak to you I suppose. It feels good doesn’t it?

The purest form of chemistry

It really is the purest, most natural form of chemistry between two people. I say “chemistry” because it’s not just you that feels it. When I massage one of my clients I feel an intense connection with them. It’s not just pleasurable, it’s almost spiritual. And none of you will ever understand just how much pleasure I get from it (hell, perhaps I should be paying you LOL!)

Body to body

This kind of mutual feeling of intense satisfaction is amplified considerably by booking body to body experiences. More physical contact between the two people involved you see, so it makes sense. I’m sure that there are many places you can go to get a body to body massage in London, but it’s probably not always going to be as good as the one you’ll get from me. That’s not just me boasting by the way, I’ve heard stories about masseuses simply “going through the motions,” so to speak. This has of course caused clients to be dissatisfied with their service. Not surprisingly really when you think about it. It goes back to the chemistry thing I was talking about.

It’s unlikely to be as pleasurable for either if one of the participants isn’t enjoying themselves. Rather like a kiss, or a hug, or even a handshake. Both people need to commit for it to have any real benefit to either. Human beings are tactile creatures, whether they choose to admit it or not. i know that I am, what about you?

Leave the SAD lamps

So forget about these lamps that lift your mood and combat the grey, overcast weather with a massage in London instead. At least you’ll also be getting out in the fresh air and you’ll be meeting people; namely me!

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