Put some spring in your sex life!

Couple enjoying sexSpringtime is here gentlemen and it’s time to reinvigorate your love life. You know I like to help where I can, and I thought that there’s no better time than the spring. New growth, things creeping back to life etc. you get the picture I’m sure. So let’s see if this tantric massage professional can breathe some energy into your sex life.

Get your timing right!

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, or whether it’s in the initial stages, you still need to concentrate on timing. You don’t get very far in the tantric massage business without knowing a few things about men. And I am a woman of course, so my opinion is pretty valid!

For men it’s easy! You’re horny all the time, or at least you’re consistently horny. Women vary considerably. It’s our hormones gents, and yes, you do need to know about them. Sometimes we do want a quickie over the kitchen sink, but sometimes we want you to take your time and pay us some real attention. It’s a woman’s prerogative and you have to put up with it (if you want to get any that is!)

New partner, new rules

Remember that if you’re with a different sexual partner, she may not like the same as the last. We are not a race of machines that require the same input procedure, we’re women. This means we’re sensual and completely different from each other. You will have to do your homework with us. Talk about what we like sexually and try new things. Believe me when I tell you that we’ll let you know!

Don’t hanker after the orgasm!

Don’t make it a mission to make her cum! It’s not a competition. And this is especially true when it comes to a new sexual partner (although often the excitement alone will do a lot to help things along!) You will find that once you quit worrying about it and relax, she’ll be much happier and relaxed. Believe it or not, women can sometimes stress so much about having an orgasm to please their partner, that they’ll never do it. And don’t just think that slamming around down there will produce an orgasm either, many women require much more than just penetrative sex to climax.

Call me!

Failing all that of course you can always come and lose your frustrations on my bed! If it’s simply not happening for you and you’re as frustrated as hell, allow me or one of my friends to give you the ultimate relaxation. Choose our classic tantric massage, or perhaps a full on body to body massage? Either way, I know that you’re going to leave without all this sex life stuff on your mind!

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