Personal trainers: Finding the right one for you

London City masseusesNow I’ve had a few personal trainers in the past. These days I simply do it for myself, but I can definitely see the attraction to them (especially the fit guys!) Seriously though, they can help you achieve great things in relatively short periods of time.

A number of my London City masseuses have had personal trainers in the past too, and some still have them, so it’s not as though we’re without a little knowledge where this is concerned. I’ve put together a little guide to help you pick the best one for you.

Looks are not important (except for London City masseuses!)

As much as it pains me to say it, looks are not important at all (and I’ve had some hot trainers!) It doesn’t really matter if they have tree trunks for legs and abs that you could play like a xylophone. What’s important is what you look like and whether or not they can help you achieve what you would like to look like.


The next thing you’re going to want to look for is an instructor who is realistic. My London City masseuse have all had instructors who don’t know what they’re talking about, and simply pay them “lip service,” so to speak, in order to retain their membership and get their money. Basically, some of them will tell you whatever you need to hear to keep you there.

You need a trainer who can see if you are a skinny guy with a tiny frame etc. and be able to tell you a realistic time span in which you can achieve the body you want. Or alternatively tell you the harsh truth that you probably won’t achieve what you’re after; at least within the time limits you’re setting yourself. Remember that a good trainer should also guide your nutrition.


That led in neatly! Yes, they need to know about nutrition too. They need to examine your current diet and suggest changes, write you a plan about how you can change things. The idea here is to not get a trainer that believes all you need to do is lift the heaviest things, seven days a week. This is only going to make you tired, and you’ll probably injure yourself. You need the fuel before you can do the work, and any trainer worth their salt should know this well enough.


This is another important thing to remember. One of my London City masseuses actually has a personal trainer in his 60s and she’s more than happy with him because he’s been around the block and knows what to watch out for, and knows how to get the quick gains she needs, when she needs them. Put it this way, she’s never left looking bad during beach season! I hate her! Ask how many years’ experience they have, or ask about any particular success stories they’d like to share.

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