Outcall London massage to day use hotels

outcall London massageA woman like me knows more about hotels than most! This is because I visit them quite a lot. As a massage therapist, you do tend to get out and about rather a lot. Myself and my friends love it though, the more we get out to bookings the happier we are!

It’s a girl thing I suppose. I like to see how the rooms look in various different hotels around London. My favourites are the large hotel suites of course, where there’s plenty to explore. I like walking into the suite, slipping off my heels too feel the carpet beneath my feet. I like to walk from room to room, and then onto the terrace if they have one. I have a thing for views. I love London, and I love to see it from as many different angles as I can. It’s just a little preference of mine; I suppose it’s the artist in me, or the photographer coming out!

Outcall London massage during the day

Are you the type of guy who doesn’t like coming to see me and my friends in our apartments? It doesn’t matter to us of course, we’re not offended! There are a number of reasons why you’d prefer us to visit you, so don’t give it another thought. However, did you know that you can get an outcall London massage during the day, even if you’re not staying in London?

You can book a day use hotel for appointments like this. They’re really useful and they’re relatively cheap (depending on where you stay of course!) Most of the hotel rooms are available between 8.00-18.00, or thereabouts. You may even have a meeting or two to get through in the day. You could book a suite and hold them there, and then book an outcall massage between meetings. What could be nicer than conducting all your business from a hotel room?

Just book a treat

Or alternatively you could just book yourself a treat for your day off. An outcall London massage. Tell the wife or girlfriend that you’re off to work, but spend the day in a hotel. Watch some movies, order some room service and invite myself or one of my friends to join you!

Where to book day use hotels

There are a couple of good websites to find day use hotels:

So once you’ve booked your hotel room, go ahead and browse my list of friends and ask one of us to join you. Remember that if you have a room to yourself all day, you might as well book your masseuse for as long as you can afford!

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