Old Street food and Old Street erotic massage: What better way to spend the day!

Old Street erotic massageHave you ever been to Bone Daddies? If you haven’t, you really need to. This place has become quite famous in London by all accounts, and they’re opening a branch in Old Street this summer! So excited! It’s one of those trendy places where you don’t have to book or anything like that, but you might have to be prepared to queue a little. It’s worth it though, the food is great. So if you’re planning on coming to see me for your Old Street erotic massage this summer, you can grab yourself some yummy food when you’re finished!

It’ll be the forth one in the city; the others are in: Soho, Kensington High Street or Bermondsey. What is it all about? Well, I’ll tell you. Bone Daddies is basically all about the noodles and broth (ramen), and I love a bit of broth. When you get noodles done with some tasty meet in a rustic style broth, there really is nothing better to set you up for the rest of the day! I love Japanese food anyway, so you can imagine how happy I am that Old Street are getting their very own branch! Imagine all the extra energy I’ll have for your Old Street erotic massage!

You can visit the Bone Daddies website here if you like. It will give you a little more information about the chain, what they do, and you can keep track of when the Old Street branch will be ready. Maybe I’ll see you there?

My Old Street erotic massage service

Because I’m so near to Old Street, you can come along and see me anytime you like really. Call me and make an Old Street erotic massage booking at your convenience. I’m usually available most days and evenings, unless I’m with another client. It’s also worth mentioning here that my outcall massage service is available to you anywhere you like in the city. Obviously if you book me in or around London City I’ll be a little closer, but I’ll still more than likely get to you in under an hour.

Call me now and reserve your very own Old Street erotic massage – This is one thing you can book!

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