It’s nice and cool in my apartment: Come get your tantric massage!

tantric massageHow about a nice cool shower and a fresh towel to wrap around yourself before your tantric massage? There’s nothing more refreshing than that on a hot day in London. So take a break from all that nonsense you boys get up to in your massive towers in London City. Leave your cubicle and give me a call. Have that refreshing shower, allow me to take you to heaven and back, and then take another refreshing shower! You’ll go back to work with a new lease of life!

My tantric massage friends

My friends have showers too you know, and they all have nice cool apartments where you can relax. They’re also very good at making sure the blinds or curtains are drawn against the heat all day so that their tantric massage rooms are kept nice and cool. You see, it goes a little further than just being good at tantric massage and looking damn fine, they like to make sure you’re comfortable. Ice cold water? They’ve got that too; and we all know how important it is to keep hydrated!

Don’t drink too much in this heat!

Please guys, if you’re going to the boozer at lunch or after work and then coming to see one of us for a tantric massage, please don’t over indulge! It’s simply not good for you in this heat if you’re not protecting yourself from the sun and drinking enough water. I’m only thinking about you of course, I want you to enjoy your massage, not lay there with a thumping headache feeling ill! I couldn’t think of anything worse, especially when you have a beautiful young woman there, waiting to make you feel good!

Deal with the heat in the tantric massage way!

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