New London tantric masseuse friend – Venus!

London tantric masseuseI met Venus whilst I was out having drinks with friends a while ago. We got chatting and would you believe that it turns out she’s also a London tantric masseuse! I couldn’t quite believe it myself. So, as you can imagine, we had a lot to talk about. I don’t mind talking about my career when I meet someone else in the same line of work if you know what I mean. It also turned out that Venus was looking to join up with an agency to get some more work and I said I’d look into what she’d done before etc.

A London tantric masseuse with lots of experience!

It turns out that my new friend Venus has lots of experience and has published reviews elsewhere online etc. under a different name. I won’t go into that here on my blog of course, but suffice to say that I was very impressed and keen to know what one of my regular clients thought of her. I like to make sure that a London tantric masseuse really is as good as everyone says before I agree to promote her on my website of course. We became firm friends, very quickly indeed, but business is business!

I’m fortunate enough to have some regular clients who are keen to try out tantric massage experiences with new girls when opportunity arises and they trust my judgement. I had a good feeling about Venus, so I suggested that they book her. They took me on my word, which is rarely wrong and they got back in touch with me to literally sing her praises! I was so pleased to hear the good news that I put her profile up straight away.

Outcall London tantric masseuse

Sadly Venus can only do outcall bookings at the moment though. This is a minor inconvenience of course and may in fact change in the near future, we’ll have to see won’t we? But I do strongly recommend you booking her to come to your hotel. She’s bright, beautiful and very professional, with her own very unique style. My last closing piece of advice when it comes to Venus would be to book as long as you can with her. I have it on very good authority that she’s at her best with a long booking!

Go and visit her profile to learn more and give me a call to arrange a meeting!

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