outcall massage servicesI’ve found a new friend and her name is Venus! She’s one of a kind, and that’s why she’s with the gang here at Cassandra’s Massage. Venus is an oriental/Middle Eastern angel who has been practicing the art of tantric massage for a long time. She combines her mastery of tantric massage, with her own love of sensual massage, mixing in many techniques borrowed from Swedish massage and even Thai massage. Venus is one of the best choices for extended outcall massage services because she likes to take her time and really build up your experience. Not all tantric masseuses can keep you “on the edge,” so to speak, as well as Venus can.

This is because she practically worships your body when she goes to work, there’s no denying it. Every inch of you will be explored and stimulated. She believes in absolute, total body and mind stimulation. She’ll relax you whilst making you blissfully aware of the rest of your body, as your skin literally rises to meet her soft and delicate touch. As we mentioned, Venus is a good choice for the one hour outcall massage services that myself and my friends offer, but it’s a very good idea to opt for the extra 30 mins option. Trust me! We’ve already had such great feedback for Venus and we’re certain it’s going to get better and better as more of you discover this mysterious, oriental goddess.

Venus is more than happy to come and visit you and offer you her outcall massage services in any London hotel (within reason, she’s a classy girl!) She’ll bring everything she needs with her to make your massage everything you could hope for. You really are in for an entirely new and unique tantric massage experience from one of the most experienced and sensual young masseuses I’ve ever met. I’m so happy to present her to you here on my website. Give me a call and I’ll set up a meeting for the two of you.