Liverpool Street massageJoin me in welcoming Skye, the latest of my very good friends to join my band of merry masseuses at Cassandra’s Massage! Skye is a new British, City of London massage professional, but she’s kind of mostly local to Liverpool Street. If you’re working in London City, you’re never too far away from Skye, put it that way. I pride myself on making sure that I have this area of London pretty much covered for massage, and most of you will already know this. You’re never far away from any of my friends, they could even be around the corner from you right now!

Anyway, back to Skye. As you can see, this gorgeous young woman loves to keep her body in great shape. When you meet her, this is one of the first things you’ll notice I’m sure. She loves to go to the gym and work up a sweat, and she’s more than well aware of the value her body has when it comes to those body to body Liverpool Street massage specials she likes to do so much! She has practiced sensual massage for years and has a very special fondness for it, forever experimenting and mixing it up a little to ensure her clients get the perfect experience. Skye is a masseuse who definitely gets as much out of her massages as her clients do!

Book your Liverpool Street Massage with Skye

Skye has a lovely little discreet apartment, located quite centrally for London City and close to Liverpool Street Station, so you can call on her at your convenience. She’s a perfect choice for a flexible lunch hour booking, or a highly indulgent sensual massage after work. Make the end of the week special perhaps? Book your City of London massage now with the very beautiful and uniquely talented Skye.