Jasmine and I have been very close friends for some time now. She’s a gorgeous mixed race beauty of Persian / British origin. This gives her a wonderful look that most men would crawl over hot coals to get their hands on, and it makes a lot of other London massage professionals very jealous indeed. You see, Jasmine takes very good care of her body, but she has a natural shape that seems to always look good! Hell, even I’m jealous of her at times. To compliment this glorious appearance, Jasmine always dresses to impress her London massage clients, even though she’s likely to be getting naked in the first five minutes of the appointment.

The reason for this is that she’s mostly booked for her very skilful body to body massage services. She loves to do all types of tantric massage, but body to body – Nuru massage is by far her favourite. Jasmine loves the way it makes her London massage clients feel, equally as much as she loves the way it makes her feel. She gets great satisfaction out of making other people happy; she’s a very natural optimist! It’s for this reason that Jasmine is known to offer one of the most slow and sensual tantric massage experiences around, making sure that you enjoy every second of her touch on your body.

Jasmine studied tantric massage practices in India, under some of the most experienced and talented professionals in the world. She has since developed these skills over a long time and turned her own London massage service into something that has earned her quite a reputation. A booking with Jasmine is likely to be one you will never forget, but only want to repeat again and again. I’m so pleased to be working with such a beautiful, highly talented and unique tantric masseuse. Give me a call and I’ll set up a meeting for the two of you!