City of London sensual massageGrace is one of those masseuses that come along once in a blue moon. We’ve seen a masseuse very much like her before actually, and some of you may know who we’re talking about! ???? Grace has an amazing body that she works out religiously. She takes care of everything when it comes to her body: what she eats, what she drinks, how much rest she gets and plenty of exercise. You can see all this just by looking at the pictures I’m sure. Suffice to say that I was very impressed when I met her and knew straight away that she would become the latest City of London sensual massage provider on my website.

City of London sensual massage – Spiritual and Sexy

City of London sensual massage

You all know how much I like to get to know the girls who work with me, and I’m very proud to say that Grace and I struck up a friendship practically straight away. She’s very similar to me in so many ways. I don’t work out as much as she does though! But I haven’t had any complaints about my body! Seriously though, we both respect the tenets of Tantra and the really do concentrate on the spiritual experience that is there for the taking during a tantric massage. Controlled breathing, delicate and intense touches, plenty of oil and delightful body slides, all go towards making our clients very happy indeed!

Like so many of my friends, Grace has a unique technique all of her own. I couldn’t tell you too much about it really, having yet to experience it (but I’m sure I will!) but I do know that it’s not something that can be easily emulated, even by the most proficient City of London sensual massage professional. I’m sure that you guys will feel the same once you’ve been to see Grace. Perhaps you can tell me what it was like?

Call me and I’ll get the two of you together!