Liverpool Street massageOne of the nicest people I’ve ever met! Julia is also one of the most attentive young Liverpool Street massage professionals I’ve met too (besides myself of course!) If any of my regular clients can’t get me, I strongly urge that you book Julia. She’s quite similar to me in her attention to technique and she likes to have a lot of fun like me too! She has a wicked sense of humour and nothing is ever taken too seriously with her. This isn’t in a bad way of course, it just means that she’s an expert at making you feel at home and uninhibited.

Julia is a Liverpool Street massage professional who takes her career very seriously. She trains regularly in the gym and does plenty of running in Hyde Park etc. in order to keep her body nice and toned. She’s not too firm though, she likes to keep a nice balance. A sensual masseuse really needs to have a body that feels nice when it’s sliding naked over your own, right? And speaking of which, Julia is an expert body to body masseuse. She loves the feeling of a man’s body beneath her when she’s all oiled up!

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So if you want a Liverpool Street massage professional who loves her career arguably as much as you’re going to love her, book Julia! She has a lovely little apartment where she’s more than happy to massage you, but if you really need her to come to your hotel, she’s happy to do this too (within reason of course) Julia is one of the most versatile and affectionate young masseuses I have met and I feel proud to represent her on my own website. Highly recommended!