London Wall tantric massage

Tantric massage on London Wall

London wall tantric massage

London wall is a main road located in the City of London, running from Wormwood Street to Aldersgate Street.  Whilst historically London Wall had an important defensive role to play in the Middle-Ages, I’m hoping that when you meet me, your own defences will be lowered so that we can have a great time together. I’m Cassandra, by the way – a lovely blonde Canadian that’s here in London to provide you with the highest levels of pleasure with my London Wall tantric massage service. I’m a tantric goddess that has perfected the art of using my hands in order to bring about unprecedented levels of bliss.  I work the bodies of my clients until they reach the highest levels of enjoyment, and the good news is that you could be next on my list to receive some tender loving care.

Because that’s the difference between a standard London massage service, that you could get basically anywhere, and my sensual massage service.  I put my heart and soul into the practice of tantric massage, I’m experienced, and I believe that if you don’t follow even the basic rudiments of Tantra, you’re not doing your client justice.

Staying near London Wall

It’s even better of course if you’re staying in or around London Wall.  You’ll be just moments away from myself or one of my lovely masseuse friends.  And don’t forget that we can come to your hotel for a visiting London massage.  Check out our services.  Here are a few reasonably priced hotel suggestions for London Wall:

Where is my London Wall tantric massage location?

I am based literally minutes away from London Wall, not far from many of the popular spots around City of London.  I have a lovely, comfortable flat that’s all perfectly prepared for your London Wall tantric massage.  This includes all the lotions and potions I’ll need to take you to heaven!  If you’re in London City, my location allows for those “last minute” decisions to get a sensual rub down.  I’m quite prepared to accommodate you when you see fit to be perfectly honest, but do take a little look at some of the “Massage Packages” I’ve added to my list of services.  You might just want to be in my company for an extended amount of time!

Have a look around the website, take a look at what I offer, and don’t neglect having a quick look at some of the other masseuses that work alongside me.  All of these girls also offer superb London massage services, both incall and outcall!  When it comes to the highest levels of luxury and tantric massage pleasures in London Wall, we are the only girls you need to consider; I only work with the best of course!  Thanks for visiting my site and I hope we can get together for some fun soon! X