Why London Tantric Massage has such a bad name

It’s sadly true, but we’re here to give you a little insight into just why, by explaining that the massive increase in “massage parlours” in the city has enabled many practitioners of this sacred art to simply get away with “winging it!”  Real London tantric massage is something that isn’t always easy to find…

It seems to be rather a catch all phrase doesn’t it?  If a website advertises tantric massage then people automatically believe this is the place to go and get a massage with a little extra at the end!  Well, we can tell you this much.  The type of massage being referred to here is more than likely a basic rub down with a happy ending!  That might sounds nice to some of you, and don’t get us wrong, you’re welcome to these services if you like; but there are much better out there.  Being in the industry for as long as we have has enabled us to offer genuine London tantric massage services to some of the most discerning clients who know the difference as well as we do.

What is genuine London tantric massage?

Taking a look at the massage descriptions on our website will help you with a general idea of what we try to achieve with our London tantric massage service, but we will go into a certain amount of detail for you here.  Whilst we won’t go on and on about where it comes from, the cultures that have embraced it and just how hard it is to lean, we will concentrate on the practicality of actually identifying a good service when you get one; although just the way you feel afterwards should be enough!

  • Relaxed environment. This is integral to the success of a good tantric massage.  You can forget all about squeezing yourself into a tiny, untidy room with some girl and laying down on a bed that’s half your size.  A professional massage practitioner will ensure that the environment in which they work is clean, spacious and relaxed.  Only in a truly undisturbed, pleasant surrounding can you thoroughly relax.
  • Proficiency and technique. Of course it’s essential that the masseuse you get, knows what she is doing.  Experience helps a lot when it comes to massage, but you can’t beat at least a little formal training.  Having good working knowledge of the human body and how massage can assist in spiritual and physical healing, muscle regeneration and mental well-being is a pivotal factor for the success of a good massage.
  • Tools of the trade. For every professional there has to be particular tools right?  Well it’s no different for masseuses in many respects; even though their hands are their primary tools!  The use of specific gels, oils and aromas are also an important part of any good massage.  Of course if you don’t want to have any lotions and potions used, you’re free to decline, but you would be missing out on much of the experience.  Having a nice aroma as you’re being massaged is simply intoxicating, but should you opt for something like a body to body style massage, the use of the very popular Nuru gel would be very beneficial to say the least!
London Tantric Massage

You will notice of course that in these three vital elements we mention nothing about what the masseuse looks like?  This is essentially because it doesn’t really matter.  However, if you can get a beautiful young woman to do it, we won’t argue with you when you say that it helps matters somewhat!

Cassandra’s tantric massage

That’s the beauty of booking tantric massage services through Cassandra’s.  Not only is she a stunningly beautiful young woman with a wit and charm that you could simply spend hours in the company of, she also has a number of colleagues who are also very pleasing on the eye, and equally proficient in the art of tantric massage.

You owe it to yourself to book a proper massage in London…

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