My London massage resolution!

It’s 2017! We all made it through another year. Sadly all those celebs didn’t though. What an awful year! Fingers crossed that it’s going to be a better one, with far fewer tragedies. I’m sure you’ll all join me in hoping for this!

It’s been another good year for Cassandra’s London massage though! It seems I’m going from strength to strength. I’ve made many new massage friends and those I already had have remained an important part of my lifestyle. These friends you can find on the website of course, they’re all very talented tantric massage experts and if you haven’t tried them out yet, make 2017 the year that you finally do!

Your New Year’s resolutions

I would imagine that by the time you read this post, most of you will have broken your New Year’s resolutions already. Which ones are the most popular? Let’s see: stop drinking, stop smoking, work harder etc. Well, those three go out of the window on New Year’s Day don’t they? To be honest with you, I can never understand people who make resolutions that they know damn well they’re not going to keep. I mean, why give up smoking on New Year’s Day? It’s going to be really hard when you’re supposed to be on holiday isn’t it? It’s supposed to be a nice time of year folks, choose an appropriate time to stop those bad habits!

Make a New Year’s resolution you can keep and one that’s good for you. You know where I’m going with this of course. Yes, that’s right, book a London tantric massage! You could pick up much worse habits for 2017 I can tell you. And what better way to keep your mind off the cigarettes?

My New Year resolutions

I don’t have many to be honest. I usually break most of them when I make too many, so I’ve kept it relatively short this year. I intend to continue eating healthy, going to the gym as often as my time allows, but most of all I intend to do a lot more tantric massage! I was thinking about this yesterday. It’s the one thing I do for pleasure that also pays me a good income, so the way I see it is, why don’t I do more of it?

So you see, you’ll find me much more available this year, and you might even find a few new faces on the website too! Exciting times ahead!

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