London City massage recruitment

London City massageIt’s not often that I do this, mainly because I have a number of very special friends already offering London City massage appointments. But it’s always good to “put my feelers” out there from time to time, just to see if anyone wants a new career. I’m not actually looking hard for anyone in particular, but I know there are many enormously talented young ladies out there they may want to work in a different area. If you’re currently working in Central London or the West End for example, and you fancy a change of scene and want to work from locations in London City, why not drop me a line.

London City massage specialists

Myself and my group of friends are very specialist indeed. Not just when it comes to tantric massage of course, but actually because of where we’re located. You see, in the West End etc. you probably get very different clients than we get in our locations. You may even get tourists too, and a number of foreign travellers etc. When you become a London City massage specialist, you’ll be getting predominantly English clients. These guys are the “City boys” as I like to call them. I love each and every one of them. They work in the offices in London City, the banks etc. and they have stressful existences. They need my skills at the end of the day, much more than they need an evening in the pub!

Have what it takes?

I don’t require you to be a catwalk model or one of the Babestation girls. What I always insist on however, is a masseuse who can speak excellent English and one who is able to communicate in an effective and entertaining way with my clients. You need to have a personality basically. You need to be funny as well as sexy, and believe me, it’s not that easy I don’t mind telling you. The girls I have working with me at the moment are all wonderful, and many of them are actually British anyway.

Get in touch if you’re interested!

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