I love Bond!

Liverpool Street tantric masseuseI do, I have to admit it! He’s one of the most handsome men I’ve seen to be honest, and he’s as fit as a fiddle for his age. Don’t get me wrong, I like young men as much as any other Liverpool Street tantric masseuse (or woman come to think of it!) but there’s something about Daniel Craig when he plays bond!

Happy that Bond is coming back!

Did you read the article on GQ about Bond? It upset me a little because I didn’t like the idea of anyone else playing that British icon of the Silver Screen. I like Tom Hardy of course, just like any other woman (he’s super fit!), but he’s just not Daniel Craig. The others didn’t even come into the equation to be honest with you, I couldn’t imagine any of them playing Bond. Tom Hiddleston might be everyone else’s crush, but to me he’s just Loki from Avengers!

So it was a very happy day for this Liverpool Street tantric masseuse when I found out that Daniel Craig is going to don his dickie bow and dinner jacket and allow me to watch his cute ass on screen one more time. There’s only one man who can take on these threats to British security isn’t there?

Would Daniel Craig visit a Liverpool Street tantric masseuse?

If he had any sense he would! He ought to know by now that most women find him adorable, so it’s not as though he wouldn’t get a thorough massage is it? Just thinking about getting him naked and laid out on the bed is enough to get me hot and bothered. And I’m sure I speak for Jasmine and Samantha too. I know for a fact that they adore him! Anyway, we wouldn’t tell you lot if he did visit!

Do you fancy a massage? Dress in a tuxedo and I might just be fooled for a moment! LOL!

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