One hoody isn’t gonna put me out of business!

Liverpool Street MassageNo, I’m not talking about the guys who hang around carparks looking for ASBO’s I’m talking about the actual hooded tops. Have you read about the new one they’ve developed that can give you a massage whilst you’re wearing it? I couldn’t quite believe it myself until I read about it on The Daily Mail website. Yes, I know, don’t start on me about The Mail… I run a tantric massage business, so I have alerts set up on Google to tell me about any news pertaining to the massage industry. Not just a pretty face and a great body you see!

About the hoody!

It has inflatable air pockets beneath that are controlled via your smartphone! Now that bit I like the sound of, because I have a bit of an unhealthy relationship with my phone! Being able to control my clothes with my phone, to soothe my weary shoulders when I’m on the train, really does sound appealing, but when you look at the hoody, it’s not really my style! Perhaps they’ll get some better designers to take it on.

It’s a great innovation, yes, but it’s not sensual really is it? Unless you get yourself naked and wear it… well, wear it “differently,” if you know what I mean! But why would you spend all your money on one of these, when you can get a sexy, naked woman sliding her body over yours for much less? You’d have to be mad really right?

No, it will never beat my Liverpool Street massage

It won’t beat mine, or any of my friends’ for that matter. Our massage is something far more intense than this. I have no doubt that this ridiculous looking hoody has it’s uses, but it’s not likely to get down to any deep tissue massage, or even help with your circulation, much less turn you on! LOL! It’s probably going to relaxing, but to be honest with you, who needs to have their clothes on when they’re relaxing? Not me, that’s for sure!

And you can find out for yourself if you book me or one of my friends…

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