Watch out for Tinder gentlemen!

Liverpool Street London massageI’m not sure if you follow the news or not when it comes to dating, but I hear a lot about it. Mostly guys who absolutely despair at online dating, and Tinder in particular. Well, this Liverpool Street London massage professional is here to tell you some even worse news I’m afraid!

Have you heard Tinder’s latest pitfall? Not only are you more likely to meet nutters on there, everyone else you know is going to be aware of it! It’s a new feature of the popular, and somewhat superficial game of left and right. Apparently this new feature exposes you and all your friends to each other via Facebook! I quote the article here, when I say that they are hoping to use the feature as:

“…a means to meet people on a platonic basis, promising to take “an average night out with your friends to the next level”

Go and read the article on The Guardian if you don’t believe me… But whatever you do, if you want your dating life, much the same as your Liverpool Street London massage life, keeping quiet, you might want to avoid Tinder! In reality, most people are on dating sites in private really aren’t they? Personally I’ve never been on one, but I’m pretty sure that they’re not supposed to be broadcast all over. Imagine if your Liverpool Street London massage was broadcast to your Facebook friends! Don’t you all think we’re sharing a little too much these days?

Get offline!

The only way to meet people when you’re dating is offline! It’s a fact. Far be it from me to “preach to the choir,” so to speak, but in my experience, meeting people in the flesh is far more effective. Granted, I get a little more opportunity to meet men in my line of work; but I can’t share any of that with you now can I?! London massage privacy of course!

Booking your Liverpool Street London massage

You can get my time, and have me all to yourself for the duration of your sensual massage, by simply picking up the phone. Take a look at my list of massages. I’m positive you’ll find something that’ll take your mind off any form of online dating!


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