Tantric massage is good for you!

tantric massageAs if you really needed persuading! Well, if you do need any persuasion, this is the blog post for you. Or, alternatively, if you want to try and persuade your partner that you should get a tantric massage with me, it might help too. Good luck with that one! I suppose you can always tell them that I’m a 20 stone, 60-year-old with bad teeth and muscles like Sylvester Stallone!

At least if you tell her that, she won’t believe that I’m going to get naked and rub my body all over yours! Because in reality, this is of course what I’m going to do. You just try and stop me! Stimulating myself as well as you during your tantric massage is what gets me out of bed in the morning! You could say I like to have my cake and eat it!

So, let me tell you why tantric massage is so good for you (Again!)

The following points I’m going to make are for massage in general by the way, not just my Liverpool Street tantric massage!

  • Stress relief. Improving your blood circulation and allowing the flow of endorphins (your “feel good” hormones) to lift your mood, is the most natural way to relieve stress. In all my years, I’ve never found anything better for calming the nervous system than massage; and I’ve looked!
  • Improves mood. Well, alright, it’s similar to the previous one. It works in the same way, although even after your stress is released, your circulation will continue to improve post massage. This will leave you in a better mood for longer; sometimes days if you have a tantric massage!
  • Lower your blood pressure. More health benefits, although this one is quite serious. I have a number of clients who experience high blood pressure and they monitor it themselves at home. Virtually all of them have come back and told me that their blood pressure is significantly better when they’ve had one of my tantric massages. Again, it’s all down to the circulation!
  • If your partner is massaging you, there really isn’t anything better to build emotional, and even spiritual connections, than with massage. The closeness you both feel during the massage really is something special. That is, if you do it right of course!
  • Sexual tension. Alright, this one is specific to my Liverpool Street tantric massage! If you’re getting sexual relief from a regular, therapeutic massage, you need to have a word with yourself! LOL! Tantric massage doesn’t focus completely on your sexual release however, as I’ve said on countless occasions, it’s merely a result of what the massage does for you. It’s a natural release. Considering the entire body is caressed, massaged and stroked, climax is inevitable and totally expected.

tantric massageValentine’s Day pampering!

It’s pertinent that it’s Valentine’s Day coming up, because I was going to say that it’s really good for your mental wellbeing to do something that makes you feel happy and/or pampered. Never mind tantric massage for a moment. If someone does something as simple as making you a cup of tea, running you a bath, or simply allowing you to relax when you ordinarily couldn’t, it makes you feel good right? Of course it does. This is where I come into my own. When I get my hands on you, you’re going to feel like it’s Christmas, not Valentine’s Day! My massages are the ultimate in pampering treatments, and this is specifically how they’re designed. I enjoy what I do greatly, and this lends itself to the overall atmosphere of our booking together. I really do hope you come along soon, or invite me to your hotel during your stay in London!




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