Listen to your tantric massage mentor: Let her win the argument!

Haha! I know some of you will be laughing your asses off out there, but the fact of the matter is that your life will be a lot easier if you do let her win!

Anyway, men are better equipped in dealing with losing an argument than women. We tend to get all crazy and store detailed facts about you and the situation in our vast memory banks; ready for when we require an all-out character assassination! This little blog is for all of you who have a bit of a problem with giving up, or want a few tips on how to make your better half (or “other” half as the case may be) win now and again.

  • Deciding where to go for dinner (or whatever). So many arguments start here and descend into anarchy before you know what hit you. You’ve all had that “what the hell did I do,” face I’m sure. I’m picturing some of you guys who have laid on my tantric massage table right now, just laughing to myself as I imagine that dumb looking expression! At the end of the day, I’ll be brief here. Do you really care where you go? And don’t say you do, because if you think about the shit storm it’ll cause if you argue, literally all of you are going to say that you don’t care. So… Don’t argue it!
  • “Do I look alright?” Oh my goodness, I really will never understand why I still have to tell some of you the answer to this! If your girlfriend ever asks this question, there is only ever one YES! Don’t get yourself all muddled up with thoughts of honesty here, she really won’t appreciate it at all. Just say yes, smile and reap the rewards! Yes I may only be a tantric masseuse, but I’m a woman too, so I know what I’m talking about.

And before you ask, no, we’re not asking you to be ridiculous. If she says it’s night and its clearly day, you don’t have to agree; in actual fact you need to dump her because she’s crazy, ok? Just run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, change your phone number, and if at all possible your name!

Get over it with a London tantric massage

For all you guys who have swallowed your pride and felt like you’ve been cheated. You can always alleviate that feeling of injustice by giving me a call and booking your London tantric massage you know? Or alternatively, take a look at some of my friends and choose one of them. We’re all as good as each other, although we do all have very different and very unique personalities that are sure to have you smiling or even laughing. This is the beauty of having tantric massage friends like mine, we never take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you guys!

Life is about having fun… So give me a call!

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